Accommodation in Sekinchan - Hotels, Resorts and Homestays

Hotels and Resort in Sekinchan

Hotel And Resort

The majority of the hotels in Sekinchan is shop house type of hotel such as East Sun Hotel, A+ Plus Boutique Hotel, Hotel Purple Town, Harbour View Hotel. We are able to get a few stand-alone hotels in Sekinchan such as The One Boutique, Golden Harvest and Paddy Village Hotel. The only resort in Sekinchan is Skin Hotel & Resort.

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Homestay in Sekinchan

Homestay Sekinchan

Homestay is a private house offering accommodation to paying guests. A lot of private house owners in Sekinchan offer their houses to tourists as short-term accommodation. There have different types of houses as homestay rooms including bungalows, terrace houses, condominiums, etc.

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Container Hotel in Sekinchan

Container Hotel

Container hotel with the hotel room built with a shipping container. There are three container hotels in Sekinchan, build beside the paddy field, which give us an unforgettable living experience.

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