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Sekinchan is a well-known fishing and paddy farming village in Selangor. The fishing village is located to the west by the sea while its paddy fields sprawl along Federal Route 5, turning inland for about 6 kilometres and southbound till Kampung Sungai Sireh in Tanjung Karang, northbound till Bagan Terap in Sungai Besar, covering a total area of 180 square kilometres. Paddy needs abundant water to grow. The paddy fields and the irrigation canals between them are actually man-made wetlands that, if properly managed, can support a range of plant and animal life to flourish.

Along the way, you will find a water path (aqueduct), a little bridge, birds, and of course the paddy. There are also factories which allow visits. The staff will brief you on the paddy plantation process, type of rice, and so on. You can also purchase the rice here which is not available in the market. Besides rice, you can also get nice mangoes at the stalls along Sekinchan main road. On the other side of the road is the fishing village. You can also stop by to have a look at the fishing boats and jetty. Do stop by for some seafood too.

The rice in Sekinchan is harvested twice a year – the middle of the year (around May and June) and the end of the year (around November and December). Sowing is done in between March and April as well as August and September. The paddy field is a vast expanse of green during sowing months and turns into a golden sea during the harvest period.

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