Sekinchan Fishing Village - Bagan is the Fishing Village in Sekinchan

Bagan is the main fishing village in Sekinchan. This fishing village is located along the river and small seaport southwest of the town. The fishing industry dominates the economy of Bagan. This fishing village will become very quiet after all the fishing boats go to the ocean for their catching in the morning. The situation of this fishing village will change to very busy during the fishing boat back to the seaport, and you will see the fisherman busy with their work to unload their catching and the workers on the jetty are busy with categorizing according to types and sizes. We describe this fishing village as a Calm and Busy Fishing Village.

 The Bagan fishing village has new shophouses, which mainly house seafood restaurants. The best seafood restaurants in town can be found in the Bagan areas. Most of the restaurants here open from 8 am until 3 pm only while a handful open at night. Booking is highly recommended during weekends and public holidays. The fishing village also serves as a perfect area to buy local snacks to bring home. We highly recommend their keropok for their size, crispiness and taste.

We buy some fresh seafood in the seafood store or seafood market around Bagan.


Location Map - Sekinchan Bagan Fishing Village

Sekinchan Fishing Village Map - Bagan
Bagan Fishing Vilage Map

Photo - Sekinchan Bagan Fishing Village

Fishing Village Bagan Sekinchan
Fishing Village Bagan Sekinchan
Fishing Village Bagan Sekinchan
Fishing Village Bagan Sekinchan

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